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With everyone being so busy all of the time, how do you find time to make food for you and your family?

This personal chef service will solve this problem and provide you with delicious, healthy meals that you can simply reheat at your convenience. It saves you time, money, and frustration.

This is how the service works. On a designated day each week, a week’s worth of meals are cooked for you and stored to be easily reheated and eaten at your convenience.

  • Before the cooking date we will have a meeting and discuss your likes, dislikes, and any food allergies or special diets you may have.
  • I will then custom design a menu to cater to your specific needs and preferences.
  • On the day of cooking, I will find the best and highest quality ingredients and shop for all of the groceries needed to cook the planned meals.
  • I will then come to your house and cook, leaving delicious meals for you, and your kitchen looking as clean or cleaner then when you left it.


Before the cooking date however we will have a meeting and discuss your preferences and needs. I will also ask about likes and dislikes as well as any allergies to food or special diets that I need to take in consideration.

Menu Planning:
This involves filling out a comprehensive and detailed food questionnaire that gives me the information I need to provide you with the best experience possible. I will then be able to custom design your menus each week, and adjustments can be made upon request. The menu is initially submitted and can be resubmitted again on a weekly basis when preferences or needs change.

Each week the chef shops for the best ingredients they can find for your meals. We search for the highest quality ingredients at the best prices, so you get the best deal possible. We also specifically choose local or organic ingredients if you prefer. This process saves you money by having the chef choose the best priced ingredients and the right amount of it, and it saves you the frustration trying to guess what your going to have for dinner every night.

Meal Preparation:
Each dish whether it is an entree or side will be prepared on your designated cooking day, in your kitchen. The chef will then package and label the meals with a name and heating instructions, and store it in your refrigerator or freezer to prepare at your convenience.
Meals can be packaged family style or in individual servings, whichever you prefer.

Events & Special Occasions (Small Parties of 4 people or less)

In addition to cooking prepared foods I will now be offering my services as a personal chef to cook for small parties of 4 people or less to start. This includes a three course meal, and/or sides.

Ingredients to cook with will be bought by the client. If you are interested in hiring a personal chef to help you with an event or special occasion contact me for more information.

This service is very convenient for date night, anniversaries, small parties, meetings, events, and more. Cooking will be done in the kitchen at the location the service is required. I will get the ingredients the same day and start cooking. At the point the client would like the food, they receive it and after the last course is served the service is done.

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January 2017
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